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Santiago de Cali, capital of the department of Valle del Cauca, the second city of the Republic of Colombia, has witnessed 477 years of history. Warm and cheerful city, offers the visitor, besides the proverbial friendship of its people, not a few places of interest, historical and architectural monuments, squares, parks and museums, churches, streets that make us return with nostalgia in time.

And when the night comes, with its cool breeze, Cali opens the doors to the contagious joy of its nightclubs, where salsa is danced with the greatest of skills. But there’s more … because in Cali, the best performers of popular music, theater and, in short, all expressions of culture and fine arts and their weekend in recreational centers pass permanently. The beautiful figure of the callas adorns the width of its landscape.

Santiago de Cali is the epicenter of Colombia in the Pacific. Its warm, cheerful and friendly people, who receive their visitors with great affection and simplicity, become the main attraction of this cosmopolitan, image city National and international. The sunny days are complemented by the pleasant breeze that from the Cordillera por los Farallones refreshes the nights of caleñas. However, the natural environment of the city can be enjoyed in rural environments with a temperate climate in a few minutes.

The rivers and streams that surround the city are an attraction for tourists to enjoy their stay.


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