Petronio Alvaréz


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Petronio Alvaréz, is a Pacific music festival, a multicultural event of mass participation, celebrated by the Afro-descendant culture, but which can be attended by people of all races, all ages, all genders, all countries, etc.

Petronio Álvarez seeks to highlight the talent of the singers and composers of this Afro-Colombian music.

This event is held every year, in the city of Cali, in the month of August with a duration of 5 days. Each day there are different groups in their respective categories (the category depends on the rhythm, the music or the main instrument (La marimba, la tambora, etc.)

The gastronomy of Petronio Álvarez is crazy, you can find all the seafood you want, even the typical foods of the country, prepared with seafood. Here are some images:

Fried Fish with Salad and Rice with Coconut

Shrimp Ceviche

One of the most interesting things in this event is that all the gastronomy that is here is invented by the same Afro-Colombian culture. For example, the liquor that we find and sell in the Petronio, is not the normal one that we find in all the stores or supermarkets, it is an artisanal drink made with juices, peanuts, cinnamon, etc. It really is a very rich and pleasant drink on the palate and it is not a very strong liquor. Although there are also other drinks that are stronger like vodka.

The alcoholic drinks that we find here are:

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